I am intrigued by the question of whether the passage of time enhances or detracts from the beauty of the subject matter. My practice explores the human figure in reference to figurative sculpture through both materials and process.


The rigorous and repetitive application and removal of materials enables me to portray a sense of erosion and decay, which occurs not only in sculpture but also in the human body itself. The subject is not meant to create anatomical perfection but is intended to show the fragility of man and to evoke dissolving moments in both present and past times.


The partially represented and distorted figure in conjunction with the negative space provides an unsettling, disconcerting yet intriguing context. The negative space plays a critical role depicting age and the ravages of time. The subject and the background work both in conflict and in harmony signifying a struggle, which ultimately becomes coherent.


The process of surface transience and imperfection influences my practice. I utilise materials that embody the properties of natural surfaces and elements such as stone and sand. The process of the repeated application of layers is integral to my practice. With each layer applied a consequential reaction follows which imitates the inevitability of impermanence. The preceding representation informs the subsequent result.


My work develops and transforms organically. The intention is not to work towards a predetermined or preconceived outcome but to let the thought and action process occur naturally due to the present state of the painting as each layer is applied. This reflects the natural process and unpredictability of the effects of weathering and natural disintegration. 


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